About me

A short history

My name is Nastaran Shivaee, I was born in Tehran-Iran in 1985. I’ve always had a passion for art and design.
Ever since my passion has been developing brands and using my traditional art talents to create digital
I graduated in 2009 from Azad University in Graphic design with a bachelor’s degree. Then I started to study
Animation for my master’s degree and graduated from Tehran University in 2014.
I began my professional career as freelance graphic designer & illustrator in 2009.
Along the road I’ve continued my career as a freelance and I learned to follow brand guidelines and to be
creative, while still maintaining consistency. Lastly, freelancing has strengthened my communication skills
with clients and Developed my independent problem solving abilities. My combined learnings from various
worlds has given me the experience and confidence to work with amazing clients from around the globe.
Now my focus is on building a happy and healthy long-term partnerships with clients by providing
unique insights and quality designs.
Multi faceted design encompasses strategy,design & technology. My projects have included the design of brands identity,publications,
Packaging,environments,exhibitions with many of my projects ranging across illustration and character design.
Freelance Creative director & Art Director/ Graphic Designer & Illustrator in some projects such as:
- Zarrin Roya (My baby,My lady,Easylife,Cocomi)
- Behdasht salamat 
- Teen Taak
- UNDP( United Nations Development Program )
-Bolandgou creative boutique working on projects such as:
 Refah chainstore,Ramtan
- Namagahi advertising agency working on projects such as:
 Liana,Mr.Carpet,Vicolo,Bazar Mobile,Modern Elahieh,pegah dairy, Dasht Noor,Alpi Gallery,Rahoja &...
- Pecco(Persian e-commerce Company-Parsian bank)
- Damoonfar company ( Faber castell representative in Iran)
- J-design  advertising agency working on projects such as:
 Crystal cosmetic
- Donyaye eghtesad magazine ( Bazarnameh) working on projects such as:
Moulinex, Dessini, Tefal,White-Westinghouse, Parsim, Regal & ...        
- kolaj graphic Advertising Agency working on project such as:
 Unilever (lipton, Domestos,Cif&...)
- Safar ASA  Kish tourism services company to cooperate with Hotels such as:
    Laleh ,Safaiyeh, Narenjestan, Piroozi, Iran, Khorshid, Perspolis, Moshir, Tehrani,Ariyan noor,...
 - Shahab San-at Gostar Co( SSG)
 - Unido (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)
 - Aj optic
 - Media home appliances
 - Docharkhe in Hamshahri newspaper
 - Dey bank
 - Horizon home appliances
 - Bossini Clothes 
 - Technopanco inc.
 - Sportall(web database of sport)
 - BIL-Taj Beauty. Make up & Cosmetic
 - Aroon dates
 - Najvaye Zamin
 - TOD, fruitcraft
 - Mehr & Mah Publications (Mehr Tan)
 - Kavoshgaran
 - Pikart
 - Inshahr comic strip magazine
 - Seray Home Furniture
 - Evok Beauty Salon in USA
 - Fanap
 - Tak pakhsh karan
 - Pishgam teb taban
 - Verifi(prenatal test)
 - Electro peyk
 - Besparma carwash
 - GIG(Golrang Industrial Group)
 - Dast Market
 - Kaj AD Agency
 - Te -Tisse Construction company
Webinar in India: 

I had a webinar for Arena Animation Studio in India.



Illustration With line and out line from the first draft to be a character.



Regarding the creation of character design from the first sketch to finalize the character.


Fairs & Exhibition:
- GAU student’s artwork exhibition in Istanbul Turkey/2008
- Personal art exhibition in 2009
- Character Design Competition 2015

- International red ribbon festival(HIV) 2015

My achievement in some festivals such as:
1- May-2017 My artwork was admitted to the nal part of the contest - Graphic designer’s day.
2- June-2017 My artwork was admitted to the nal part of the contest - Red ribbon festival(HIV).
3- Agues-2016 My artwork was admitted to the nal part of the contest - Yola competition.
4- Sep-2015 My artwork was admitted to the nal part of the contest - Iranian character design.
5- June-2015 My artwork was admitted to the nal part of the contest - Annual congress of monetary & foreign exchange policies.
6- Oct-2003 Cooperated in painting and illustration workshop of Iran & England( I was one of the top selected participants by Iran student organization).
7- Feb-2002 My artwork was admitted to the nal part of the contest- Sooreh art center(Imam Ali illustration).


Nastaran Shivaee - نسترن شیوایی
Nastaran Shivaee
Creative Designer
Graphic Designer & Illustrator