About me

Place of Birth: Tehran/Iran
Date of Birth: 1 Dec 1985
M.A in Animation major from Tehran university/Honarhaye ziba
B.A in Graphic Design major from Azad university (Art & Architecture Faculty)

Professional Career as Graphic designer since 2007
In other different fields such as designing of typography,character design,illustration
and photography.

Working Background:

Graphic deaign supervisor in Zarrin cellulose from March 2017 till now ,and
Islamic Azad University Instructor.
Art Director, Designer, Graphic Designers and Print supervisor in:
-Bolandgou creative boutique working on projects such as:
 Refah chainstore,Ramtan
- Namagahi advertising agency working on projects such as:
 Liana,Mr.Carpet,Vicolo,Bazar Mobile,Modern Elahieh,pegah dairy, Dasht Noor,Alpi Gallery,Rahoja &...
- Pecco(Persian e-commerce Company-Parsian bank)
- Damoonfar company ( Faber castell representative in Iran)
- J-design  advertising agency working on projects such as:
Myson home appliances, Crystal cosmetic
- Donyaye eghtesad magazine ( Bazarnameh) working on projects such as:
Moulinex, Dessini, Tefal,White-Westinghouse, Parsim, Regal & ...        
- Maxoni Media advertising agency in Istanbul Turkey working on project such as:
storyboarding for fox Tv, Cars clener,&...
- K-ajans in Istanbul Turkey working on project such as:
Wedding card illstration,Moda Shoes Ad
- kolaj graphic Advertising Agency working on project such as:
 Unilever (lipton, Domestos,Cif&...)
- Safar ASA  Kish tourism services company to cooperate with Hotels such as:
    Laleh ,Safaiyeh, Narenjestan, Piroozi, Iran, Khorshid, Perspolis, Moshir, Tehrani,Ariyan noor,...

 Freelance projects such as:

 - Shahab San-at Gostar Co( SSG)
 - Unido (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)
 - Aj optic
 - Media home appliances
 - Docharkhe in Hamshahri newspaper
 - Dey bank
 - Horizon home appliances
 - Bossini Clothes 
 - Technopanco inc.
 - Sportall(web database of sport)
 - BIL-Taj Beauty. Make up & Cosmetic
 - Aroon dates
 - Najvaye Zamin
 - TOD, fruitcraft
 - Mehr & Mah Publications (Mehr Tan)
 - Kavoshgaran
 - Pikart
 - Inshahr comic strip magazine
 - Seray Home Furniture
 - Evok Beauty Salon in USA
 - Fanap
 - Tak pakhsh karan
 - Pishgam teb taban
 - Verifi(prenatal test)


Online workshop in India (Arena Animation Studio )about  how can we create 
character design in 2016

Fairs & Exhibition:
- GAU student’s artwork exhibition in Istanbul Turkey/2008
- Personal art exhibition in 2009
- Character Design Competition 2015

- Appreciation degree in 2003 - Cooperate in painting and illustration workshop 
of Iran & England ( I was one of the top 5 selected girls by Iran student organization )
- Acknowledgment degree - Sooreh art center (from Imam Ali illustration in 2002)
- Appreciation degree in2014 -Parsian Bank
- Appreciation degree in 2015 -Character Design Competition


Nastaran Shivaee - نسترن شیوایی
Nastaran Shivaee
Creative Designer
Graphic Designer & Illustrator